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Reese's Pinworm Medicine easily eliminates pinworm infection.

Reese has broadened its line of Pinworm Medicine products with the introduction of a value-priced 2 oz. Pinworm Liquid Family Pack, consisting of (2) 1-fl oz. bottles of Reese's Pinworm Liquid in a package large enough to treat the entire family.

For more information about Reese Pinworm Medicine products, consult your local pharmacist.

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$2.00 Mail-in Rebate
1 oz. liquid (SKU: 0-23513-61801-2)

$4.00 Mail-in Rebate
2 oz. liquid Family Pack (SKU: 0-23513-61821-0)


• Where to Buy Reese's Pinworm Medicine.
• What is Pinworm Infection?
• How do you get Pinworm?
• The Symptoms of Pinworm
• How to Identify Pinworms
• View Image of a Pinworm
• How to Eliminate Pinworms
• Preventing Reinfestation
• User Instructions/Dosage


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